Why Australian Standard Structural Timber is Best for Home Builders

If you listen for long enough to urban mythology about building a home or renovating, you can get some very misleading information. You could be forgiven, for example, for thinking that you can build a house with any old structural timber. The theory is that cheaper is better, and that it’s a really clever move to “save” money by building using inferior quality timber.

WRONG. The truth is that Australian builders wouldn’t touch these truly awful timbers at gunpoint.


Empty room interior of a residence or office space with rustic timbers and highly polished matching timber floors.


There are multiple, rather convincing, good reasons for this situation:

  1. Inferior quality timber IS inferior. It’s cheap, sure, but that’s because it’s extremely low grade timber. These timbers are terrible to work with, split regularly, and warp even more regularly. They’re so genuinely bad you wouldn’t use them for a kid’s icy pole, let alone a house.
  2. There’s no contest between good and bad timbers. When it comes to good and bad timbers, the contrast is 100%. “Good” is like a Ferrari and “bad” is like a skateboard. There’s simply no comparison. Top quality structural timbers are typically super-solid and maintenance-free. They’re easy to work with, and excellent as supports. Equally importantly, these first-rate timbers deliver much better value for money.
  3. Product life of good timbers is far longer. Another very unambiguous comparison is the product life of top quality timber vs inferior. The top quality timbers will last for the life of the house. The low quality timbers may not survive more than a few years before needing maintenance, and ultimately, replacement, at added cost.
  4. Low grade timbers can actually devalue your house when it’s on the market. Any buyer’s building inspector who sees iffy-looking, low quality structural timbers will form an instant and accurate opinion of these timbers as possible liabilities. They will then, just as instantly, reduce the value of the house by the cost of replacing those unacceptable timbers. They may even advise against purchase if the timbers are looking a bit too dilapidated. You just don’t have these problems with good timbers.


Australian Standard Timbers

The fact is that Australian Standard timbers are far superior. There are specific standards for Australian structural timbers, like the Australian Standard for Residential Timber Framed Construction (AS 1684) standards for Australian hardwoods (AS 2796) timber structures (AS 1720) and other standards framed by the Building Code of Australia.

These standards were developed by the building industry and government to deliver the best possible standards of construction timber. You can see why it’s considered a no-brainer in the construction sector to use Australian Standard timbers for all types of building.


Shopping Around for Top Quality Structural Timbers?

If you’re looking for Australian Standard structural timbers in Brisbane, Sunstate Timbers has everything. Talk to our experts about our stunning range of excellent timbers for your renovation project or new build. Call (07) 3171 8430or contact us online and we’ll provide all the professional guidance and choice of timber you need.


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