The Best Timber for Your Climate

If you’re considering building a deck for your home, it’s important to consider environmental factors. Queensland is Australia’s most tropical area, so you’ll need a deck that can go the distance!

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Some types of hardwood don’t do well in hot weather, while intense or long-term humidity can cause some varieties to bend and warp. If you choose the wrong hardwood timber to build you deck, you could be left with a rotting, termite infested mess in just a few years. Thankfully, there are a great range of decking timbers on the market that can last through the unpredictable weather of Deception Bay.


Merbau: Gorgeous Brown Tones with Added Strength

Merbau is a gorgeous variety of timber, harvested from tropical areas in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Merbau is already accustomed to the intense heat and humidity of the jungle, making it a great option for your deck. When you build a deck with Merbau, you can look forward to years of durability and reliability. Merbau is renowned for its durability, and is even used to build boats! If it can handle the rough seas, you can be sure Marbau can handle a summer storm or two!


Jarrah: Durable and Dense

Jarrah is one of Australia’s most popular hardwoods, often used in a range of construction projects. Its rich red colour makes it a gorgeous choice for outdoor decks. With its strength and durability, Jarrah is a great option for decks. Jarrah has a natural resistance to rot and extreme weather, which are vital qualities in Queensland’s hot and humid climate. Many people are concerned that adding a hardwood deck to their home can increase the risk of a fire. Due to its density, Jarrah provides a level of fire resistance, so you can rest assured knowing your family is safe.


Spotted Gum: An Australian Native

Grown right across Australia, Spotted Gum has been used for generations in a broad variety of construction applications, including flooring, fences and furniture. Your own home may even have a Spotted Gum frame! Spotted Gum is available in a rainbow of colours, from deep chocolate brown to almost white. Spotted Gum is one wood that is guaranteed to stand up to the elements, whether it’s high humidity, heavy rain or harsh sun. Spotted Gum also offers a natural resistance to termites.


Remember to Treat Your Decking

Merbau, Jarrah and Spotted Gum are just three of the huge range of timber options you can choose for your deck. No matter what choice you make, it’s important to take care of your deck to ensure it lasts through the unpredictable Queensland climate. There are a great range of finishes and varnishes on the market that offer increased weather resistance. These products are easy to apply and can help you deck look brand new for years to come.


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