Our Favourite Creative Projects Using Timber

Timber is one of the all-time great creative materials. You can build almost anything you want. If you’re feeling creative, you can also achieve a lot of very useful things for your home while you’re at it. We have a few suggestions for your creative projects.


View of kids' timber playhouse in green backyard garden with birch trees and flower bed.


Creative Options

If you’re a reasonably competent DIYer, you can do a lot with good timber. Before we suggest a few creative choices, some very important points:

  1. Safety and structural integrity:Always use top quality timber.Inferior quality timber may look nice, but with anything structural, stick with the good tough Australian timbers. Remember – If people are going to be using your structure, timber must be strong enough to take their weight. The alternative is a few expensive lawsuits and public liability, so be absolutely sure you’re buying excellent quality timber.
  2. Don’t guess about design and practical building issues: A great way of wasting money is to buy good timber and then get tangled up in design details. If you’re building a structure, there’s a right way and a wrong way to design and build. Check with an expert about any construction technical issues before you spend a cent.


Creative Choices

You’ll be stunned at what’s possible with your timber. A few suggestions:

  • Play area: You can build a beautiful, safe play area for young kids with privacy screens, and create good, safe, environment for the kids. A little picket fence, a play house, you name it; you create the space with your timber. Let your imagination run wild; you’ll come up with some really good ideas.
  • Garden structures: You can build anything from a gazebo to a fabulous landscaped area, with trellises, and pergolas with your timber. You can have a truly magnificent garden, a fantastic living space, and you can do it all with a few bits of well-chosen timber.
  • Landscaping: There are endless uses for timbers in landscaping. Retaining walls, garden arches, fencing, and other options can add real value, as well as a great look, to your property. Take a little time to really explore all the options.
  • Crafts pieces: If you’re a crafts person, you won’t need to be told much about how to turn timber in to something truly elegant. You may not, however, know that sourcing structural timber means you’re using the best possible timbers. There are a LOT of choices, so browse thoughtfully and explore your selection opportunities.


Sourcing Your Timber for Construction

The easy way to get the best quality timbers is to source from specialist timber suppliers. Your suppliers will be your instant source of expertise for timber selection, and very helpful with technical issues like getting the right timbers for supports, etc. You’ll also get the practical knowledge you need for your project.


Talk to Sunstate Timbers about Timber in Queensland

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