5 Hot Flooring Trends in 2019

For centuries, timber and wooden flooring has played a major role in home decor. Even today, timber flooring hasn’t lost its timeless charm. But with every new year, we see new flooring trends taking the construction and home improvement market by storm. Read on to learn about the flooring trends you should look out for in 2019.


Timber Flooring Trends

Play Around with Texture

The popularity of hand textured wood has carried over into 2019. Whether you’re completing a DIY project or hiring a professional, you can give your home a rustic and classic look with hands-scraped or wire brushed floors. This is also a great way to hide existing scratches and dirt on our timber floors!


Bleached Wood

More and more homeowners are moving away from perfect, glossy timber floors. The popular trend is to have bleached or lightly-blanched floors that give a neutral and warm feeling to any room. The versatility of bleached wood floors makes it easy to match it with varying styles of home decor.


Less Glossy, More Distressed

The popularity of traditional, glossy wooden floors is quickly waning. As signalled by the hand textured and bleached wood trends, less gloss, more distressed floors, or floors that look used and rustic, is what property owners are looking for when it comes to wooden flooring.


Functional, Warm & Neutral Colours

In 2019, functional, warm and neutral colours are the trend for wooden flooring. Although warm browns are still all the rage, light, sandy colours such as grey and blonde are making more of an appearance. These colours not only make it easier to decorate the rest of the room, but also lend a warm and cosy feeling to a space.


Add Some Patterns

Another trend is patterned flooring. One way to add patterns to your floors is by laying the panels down at an angle. Using this technique, many homeowners are also creating herringbone and chevron patterns that add a contemporary and stylish look to a room.


Choose High Quality Timber for Your Floors

If you’re thinking about adding timber flooring to your current or new property, make sure to use high quality timber to improve the aesthetic of your home and get good value for money. You can learn more about choosing the best timber for your flooring needs here. You can also contact the timber merchants at Sunstate Timbers, and we will gladly help you pick the perfect products. If you’re looking to buy timber, browse through our wide range of timber flooring products.


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