Outdoor Seating Options That Will Revitalize Your Decking

Now that you’ve finished building your outdoor timber decking, it’s time for the fun part: decorating! You can’t have any fun with bare hardwood decking, so why not add some seating? Whether you’re looking to entertain your friends and family or simply relax in the sunshine, there are a great range of seating options available.

Backyard deck with white chairs


Dining Sets

If you love entertaining, a weatherproof dining set is just the thing for your deck. Available in a huge range of sizes and styles, you’ll be able to invite the whole family around. When your deck features an outdoor dining set, you’ll never want to eat indoors again!



Swings aren’t just for the playground! For those who love to relax or read outside, a swinging chair is a fun seating option. Available in designs for couples or just for one, a relaxing swing is a great way to spend an afternoon or two.



If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you can’t go past a hammock. Make all your tropical island dreams come true by hanging a waterproof hammock from your deck. Just make sure it’s perfectly secure before jumping in!


Sun Lounges

There’s nothing more luxurious than spending time stretched out in the sun. Bring the beach to your deck with a stylish sun lounge. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep on the deck or you could wake up with a nasty sunburn!



If you’re short on space, a bench is a great way to add some extra seating to your hardwood deck. Some benches even have hidden storage for you to stow away your kid’s toys or pet products.


Deck Chairs

It’s all there in the name. Deck chairs are a great option for those who want to enjoy their deck all year around. From affordable plastic models to luxurious padded chairs, there’s a deck chair for every family.


Weatherproof Couches

Couches aren’t just for the lounge room. For an ultra-luxurious deck, why not invest in a weather proof couch? A cup of tea of the deck will never be the same.



Add some fun retro style to your deck with a beanbag. These days, beanbags are available in waterproof and weatherproof designs so you can experience that happy nostalgia from the comfort of your own deck.


Rocking Chairs

Is there a more idyllic scene than an afternoon spent rocking peacefully on your deck? Rocking chairs aren’t just for grandmas anymore! There are a range of sleek designs on the market to help you rock in style.


Folding Chairs

You never know who’s going to show up to your barbecue or birthday party, so don’t get caught short. It’s always a good idea to keep a few folding chairs handy, just in case some unexpected guests show up.


Need to Build a Deck?

Before you even think about accessories, you need to make sure you have a quality hardwood timber deck! At Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, we supply premium wood supplies for decking projects in Brisbane. Come see for yourself at our lumber yard, and we’ll help you pick the best timber decking for you. Contact the hardwood experts at Sunstate Timbers on 07 3204 2533 for advice and information.


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