Hardwood CCA Treated Posts

Sunstate Timbers is your best resource for top-quality hardwood products. Our hardwood posts are well-proven, tough timber that will last for years. These solid timber posts are made to resist the climate and avoid the risk of decay, termites and deterioration.

We deliver to all areas of Brisbane. If you’re looking for reliable hardwood fence posts for any project, we stock and supply various sizes of our CCA Treated Hardwood Fence Post range:

Sunstate Hardwood Timbers’ Stocked Sizes

100 x 75 x 3600 In Stock
100 x 75 x 3000 In Stock
100 x 75 x 2700 In Stock
100 x 75 x 2400 In Stock
100 x 75 x 2100 In Stock
100 x 75 x 1800 In Stock
100 x 100 x 3600 In Stock
100 x 100 x 3000 In Stock
100 x 100 x 2700 In Stock
100 x 100 x 2400 In Stock
100 x 100 x 2100 In Stock
100 x 100 x 1800 In Stock


About CCA

CCA is a common timber preservative and is widely used to extend the life of wood from a few years to 40+ years. CCA is Chrome Copper Arsenate, a popular form of chemical treatment for timbers since the 1930s. This timber will last for many years in excellent condition.

Product Safety

Please note that due to chemical treatments, CCA timbers should not be burned. Best practice disposal is to recycle CCA treated timbers for other uses, or dispose of timbers in landfills.


Need Help Selecting Your Hardwood Fencing?

If you’re looking for excellent quality, strong yet warm fencing, talk to us. Sunstate Timbers is your one-stop shop for top-quality hardwood fence posts.

If you’d like to ask about our hardwood fencing, just call us on (07) 3171 8430 or contact us online and ask our experts for any help you need.






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