Putting New Life into Old Timber

There’s nothing quite like old timber – until it starts having problems. The most likely reason for timber issues, like cracks, warping, and that rather sad look old timber sometimes gets is that it needs maintenance. We’re going to give you a quick look at problems and fixes for old timber, and what to do about the more critical issues.


Old wooden fence in garden with plant


The Problems with Old Timber

Even very good timber can have issues, many of which often aren’t obvious. Here are a few typical cases:

  1. Tired looking fences: Fencing can take wear and tear from gravity, post issues, and a range of timber conditions caused by climate. Even good weathered timber fencing, which is tough as you like, sometimes needs a hand.
  2. Decking that’s seen better days: Decking is also super-tough, but after a few decades, if it’s not looking at its best, it needs some care and thought. There are various possible issues, some of which need replacement, and some don’t. (Note: Oiling timber decking is a great all-round way of protecting your deck.)
  3. Wooding flooring looks a bit past its prime: Flooring takes a beating every day, and you can be sure any sign of wear, gaps, or warping won’t fix itself.
  4. Landscaping timbers getting tatty: For the same reasons, but in a different context, landscaping timber, which is typically sure to look good for decades, may need some help. This is particularly the case for bigger timbers, which may have suffered from land movement, causing excessive pressure, and damaging the timber.


The Fixes for Old Timber

Now the good news – These problems look a lot worse than they are. With a bit of expert advice, you’ll find all these issues can be solved pretty easily, and cheaply.

  • Fences: You’ll need to assess the overall damage. Some fences can be fixed, but some can’t. As a general rule of thumb, if your old fence looks like it’s only standing because it hasn’t fallen down yet, it’s time for it to go. You can fix things like post misalignment, in the early stages, or a few palings which obviously need to go, but if warping has set in, take the hint.
  • Decking: Decking doesn’t have to be a major issue, even with a few timbers looking awful. If you live in a hot climate, expansion and contraction can aggravate microscopic cracks and make them worse. Replace deck timbers and check supports for any signs of issues.
  • Wooden floors: The basic fix is to replace any weak timbers, which can do collateral damage the rest of the floor. Depending on the type of floor, you can manage it very easily. Modern engineered timbers are a very good option, both structurally and as flooring. These timbers are actually stronger than solid timber! Also very much to the point- They’re relatively cheap, and look fabulous.

Before you do a thing: Don’t spend a single cent, until you’ve spoken to your experts. These fixes don’t have to cost big money, at all. You won’t have to sedate your credit card to pay for them. Your suppliers can help you to keep costs under control.


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