The Most Popular Australian Hardwoods

Technically, the term “hardwood” refers to wood produced by angiosperm trees that have broad leaves and seeds that form in flowers or nuts. They are complex in structure and grow a bit slower than their softwood counterparts. Australia has a range of timber plantations that produce a range of high quality hardwoods that are great for applications in construction and external uses. They are also often coveted for being highly recyclable for use as flooring, furniture, etc.

Below is information on some of the most popular Australian hardwoods, along with when they are most often used and their relative advantages.


Woodpile of cut harvested forest wood



Eucalyptus pilularis is grown in plantations in the Coffs Harbour-Urunga districts in northern New South Wales, but it grows quickly and naturally between Bega in New South Wales and Maryborough in Queensland. It is a common commercial timber for building framework, decking, flooring and poles.

The blackbutt heartwood colour ranges from golden yellow to pale brown. The grain is usually straight and the surface is even, therefore making it easy to stain and polish, but not always paint.


Spotted Gum

Eucalyptus Henryi can be found on poor clay subsoil of the east coast of the Victoria-NSW border all the way to Maryborough in QLD. This is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods. It is much sought-after globally for its back-sawn grain structure, beautiful grain markings and intense colours.

Spotted gum’s heartwood is incredibly durable due to its natural oily properties. It is most often used for applications like shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, axe handles and flooring. It is also great for carving.



Eucalyptus Microcorys is a very large, durable hardwood. It is native to the area between Hunter Region in NSW and Marybough in QLD. Its heartwood ranges from pale to dark yellow-brown with the occasional glimmer of olive-green. It’s got a coarse texture and an interlocked grain.

Tallowwood is popularly used in heavy applications like wharf and bridge construction, mining timbers, railway sleepers, and more. It can also be used in fencing, walling and landscaping.


Sydney Bluegum

This species of tree occurs naturally from Southern NSW to Southern QLD. It is most commonly used for general building, cladding, flooring, paneling, boat building, etc.

Its heartwood is coloured a dark pink to red-brown and it has a moderately coarse and even surface along with a straight or slightly interlocked grain.



Karri trees, while native to the southwest of Western Australia, are also grown in plantations. They are one of Australia’s tallest hardwoods, and they are incredibly durable. Their lovely golden appearance and red hues suit a broad range of applications, such as indoor and outdoor furniture as well as joinery and construction. It also makes a lovely internal floor.


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