Top Timber Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your timber floors doesn’t have to be a tedious task. With some foolproof, easy maintenance tips and tricks, you can make sure your timber floors continue to look the way they did when they were first installed. Keeping your floors clean, dry, and free of scratches is essential maintenance.

Woman applying protective varnish or wood oil on a patio wooden floor
Maintain your hardwood timber floors using these handy tricks, and your floors will look good as new for many years to come. Make sure you know what kind of timber you have on your floors, because this can make a slight difference to the way you maintain them.


1. Add A Wood Finish

Add a protective wood finish on your wooden floors to protect the quality of the wood and help maintain the new look. Make sure to find out what type of finish is suitable for your floors.


2. Clean Regularly

Clean your floors using wood safe products and try to avoid using water or all-purpose cleaning products. Mop the floors regularly with a small amount of lukewarm water. Excessive dirt and loose particles can create scratches on wood, so make sure to vacuum your floors at least once a week.


3. Get Furniture Pads

Prevent furniture from scratching your wooden floors by putting felt pads on the bottom of furniture. This is especially important if you rearrange your furniture frequently. When moving furniture, it’s also important that you lift the furniture instead of dragging it across the floor.


4. Keep Your Floors Dry

Excessive amounts of water can severely damage and warp wooden floors. When cleaning, make sure you aren’t using too much water. Immediately clean up spills and prevent rain water from collecting on the floors.


5. Add Rugs to High Traffic Areas

If there are certain parts of your home where foot traffic is high, add rugs in those areas to protect the floor. Shoes, especially heels, can damage wooden floors over time.


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