When Are I-beams Right for Me?

Timber I-beams are being increasingly used in a variety of home improvement projects around Australia. I-beams are engineered in a way that makes them the best option for building, renovating and extension projects, especially as structural materials. I-beams have many benefits for homes. They are not only durable and environmentally sustainable but also lightweight and cost-effective.


Wooden beams and planks


What Are I-beams?

I-beams are ‘I’-shaped structural timber beams that are specially engineered using a combination of high-quality timber products. Depending on your requirements, I-beams are available in a variety of sizes. They are versatile, lightweight and durable, making them a great material for all your building, renovation and extension projects.


Benefits of I Beams

There are a number of benefits to using wood I-beams for your home improvement and building projects. LVL I-beams are strong, durable, lightweight, cost-effective, sustainable and natural looking.


Strong & Durable

I-beams are strong and durable, engineered using only the highest quality timber products, and finished according to Australian industry standards. This makes I-beams long lasting, dependable, and perfect for structural builds.


Good Strength-To-Weight Ratio

I-beams are lightweight, giving them a good strength-to-weight ratio. They are perfect for projects that have wider spans, but fewer load bearers. Working with I-beams is easy because each beam can be lifted by just one person.


More Cost-Effective

I-beams are great value for money because of their engineered design gives a low price point. This makes them more cost-effective and an exceptional alternative to structural steel, which tends to be quite expensive.


Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Structural timber products such as I Beams are all natural and made using sustainably grown and harvested timber. Using I-beams will not only keep your carbon footprint low, but will also prevent any damage to your property and the environment.


Natural Looking

Although I Beams are engineered timber products, they are made using all-natural products. This, along with the industry standard finishing process, gives them a natural wood look.


Use I Beams for Your Next Project

Are you planning a building, renovation or house extension project? You are probably wondering what materials will be most beneficial to your project. If you are looking to buy timber, Sunstate Timbers, Deception Bay, offers a variety of high quality, naturally produced I Beams that are perfect for a variety of home improvement projects.


You can learn more about our timber I Beams here.

For friendly advice, planning tips, or to get a quote for your next project, contact the timber merchants at Sunstate Timbers. Visit our lumber yard in Brisbane to browse our wide range of wood supplies, or contact us and call 07 3204 2533 today!


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